Villa Piccolo Mondo

The Villa Piccolo Mondo is a unique family lodge. It is positioned on a terrace above Ranzo in the beautiful municipality of Gambarogno. The villa dates from the early 20th century and consists of six flats, two of which have large terraces.

Enclosed within a beautiful garden with palms and an old camellia, it also has a magnificent view of Lake Maggiore.

It is ideal for children, who can let off steam in its spacious grounds. There is also plenty of play-room within the building. The lake is accessible by foot.

Ranzo / Gambarogno

Gambarogno's Riviera is a world unto itself. To the east of Lake Maggiore - between Contone and the Italian/Swiss-border – nature has done its best. Not only will you come across the beautiful Lake Maggiore but also a range of gentle hills and an overwhelming view of the snow-covered mountains.

You are immersed in a world of tradition and mysterious fragrances between the lake and the mountains. Here you can experience the tranquillity of Gambarogna's botanical gardens in Vairano while enjoying the breath taking panorama.

200km of walking paths wind their way along the mountains and Gambarogna's narrow valleys, through chestnut forests and abundant meadows, passing alpine farms.